HeartSoul Natural Animal
HeartSoul Natural Animal Communication with Cindy
is the unique and specialized ability of utilizing her
inherent intuitive skills to connect with your companions and
pets. This process is a special, spiritual exchange of information
through feelings, thoughts and images. As infants we have an
innate capacity to communicate telepathically with both our
parents and pets.

Unfortunately, we are taught during our early development to
suppress this sacred ability. We become the recipient of powerful
signals and messages that state it is impossible to "talk" with
animals. The consequence of  that peer pressure is a loss of our
natural capability and confidence to be intuitively connected with
other species through animal communication.

However, under the right circumstances certain individuals have
learned to reacquaint themselves with their intuitive powers.
Honing this skill,
Cindy Hartzell, the founder of HeartSoul
Natural Animal Communication
, can provide you the
extraordinary opportunity to not only hear what your pet has to
say but can help you find answers to questions you have always
wanted to ask your companions during a animal communication
Cindy Hartzell with Sky and Rondo
Perhaps your goal during a animal
communication session is to find out if your
pet is unhappy with you due to recent
undesirable behavior from them. Maybe you
wish to know their feelings about some
pending surgery, theirs or even yours. These
questions are typical of the type of concerns
pet owners are seeking during a animal
communication session.
1-(530) 386-3639
email: cindy@cindy-hartzell.com
Cindy Hartzell's ability to communicate with your pet in a respectful manner helps
nurture the bond between you and your companion. Her aim during a animal
communication session is to help others become empowered by increasing their
awareness through hearing what their pets truly want to say to them.

Her extraordinary skills allows contact with those whose spirits has moved beyond their
physical form and still have something valuable to share with you.
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